[BUG] Sheep heads not working

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Is this happening to you?

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  1. The title says mos of it really. I've lately been out in the wastelands, mass murdering sheep for their mutton and I have gotten 5 heads heads from them. They have no skin and are just Steve heads, like most player heads before 1.8 . I have tried the /vault thing, but no results. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

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  2. Can anyone help tell me why my Slime heads (that I killed manually) are Not stacking ?
    I get a stack of 2 then 5, then 1, and so on.
  3. Bump.

    Please help me get my slime heads stacked.
  4. My sheep heads work xS
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  5. same thing is happening to me - some heads that are the same don't stack
  6. 1.8 broke heads.
  7. it's not just sheep, it's also cows and pigs and other animals

    so far the hostile mob heads all seem to be working fine though, but passive mobs arent
  8. all heads are fine for me

    some just aren't stacking tho
  9. Hostile mob heads should be fine. They were added before 1.8. Passive mobs however are broken.
  10. I got a working chicken and two cow heads though.
  11. To fix stacking, try running them through a shop sign - thats worked in the past
  12. try putting in vault, close vault, then reopen vault and take them out. that May fix it
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  13. Done that, no effect
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  14. Try putting them through a hopper. If that doesn't work then place them in your hand, change smps, come back and check again. If that fails too then try holding them while jumping onto a slime trampoline from a distance of 42 blocks and I've heard that will fix them.
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  15. Let just say you are Way out in the Frontier Wild and you kill lots of slimes manually and get several heads, in separate small stacks.

    Now to get them to town, instead of one stack/slot being dedicated to slime heads, you have to use like five slots, meaning you can not bring as much back to town on our long journey.:(

    So, any ideas to get them to stack, in the Wild ?

  16. I guess there is No solution to get Slime heads to stack to up to 64 in the Wild.
  17. Well, I can confirm this behaviour too; I got a few spider heads which won't stack. Didn't do much with them but I'm going to check if some of the suggestions work for me. But there's definitely something odd here.

    Edit: Adding the non-stackable heads into /vault, closing it and then re-opening it later to take 'm out again fixed it for me.
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