[Bug] /res locs

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  1. /res locs looks like it should be a command according to the wiki, but if you try to do it then you get this:
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  2. That's most definitely a wiki bug and not so much an in-game bug. Going to fix this right now.

    Edit: and done. Thanks for mentioning this!

    Edit2: However... The /help res command also mentions this. I'm pretty sure that this command has likely become obsolete so I'll still point this out to the staff as well.

    Edit3: And contrib. team to the rescue ;) (Thanks Penguin!). We also discovered that this thingie sneaked into the commands page as well and that has also been fixed. It'll be fully addressed soonish enough.
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  3. /res locs and /res loc are interchangeable. You'll get that same error message if you do /res loc with no arguments after it, too. (To Shell, which I realize is now redundant as I've already posted. :l)
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  4. It's only the /res loc and /res locs commands that don't work. /res loc set, /res loc list etc still works.
  5. If I can add to this as the bugs /mobarena does not work on smp5 as non staff I believe do not have hte permission to use it only there.
  6. /mobarena works on other servers because it's a bungee command; it's a redirect to /smp5. On smp5, however, /mobarena (and the /mba shortcut) are used by Staff members to run the mob arena - set winners, open doors, change round types, etc.

    The /mobarena command as a shortcut for /v mobarena was an oversight. When the development team realized the mistake, it was quickly fixed.
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