[Bug] PvP Damage Causes Failed Action

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  1. As of very recently I started noticing that getting hit by any sort of PvP damage cancels a player's action, whether it's eating normal food, eating golden apples, drinking potions, drawing a bow, blocking with a sword--anything and everything a player can be doing will be canceled when being hit with a sword, fist, bow, fishing rod, etc...

    Very game-changing bug for pvp. This doesn't happen with PvE damage, just with PvP.

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  2. I've noticed this bug before on another server, though it was with all types of damage. Not sure how it's caused, but it's annoying.
  3. this one is with any damage
    just tested
  4. This happens with PVE too. I was in the nether, and I fell in lava. No big deal, I thought to myself, I have a fire resistance potion right here. I tried drinking it, but it would get cancelled like you say by the damage from the lava. Ended up losing some good gear ;/
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  5. Sachrock can vouch that this glitch SUCKS!!1!1 He just said that he lost because he "couldn't eat gapples" hahahaha!
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  6. Let's think about some realism. I am drinking a soda. You punch me. Will I continue drinking my soda, or will I stop in pain?
  7. Yes this was very annoying to happen in Pvp
  8. another real life possible situation: you are running out of life, but you have an injection that can cure you, why wouldn't you be able to give those last efforts to save your self?
  9. Let's switch it around because idk about you.
    I am drinking a soda. YOU punch me. I continue drinking my soda because m a badass :cool:
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  10. I have noticed this too. My bow would randomly stop drawing while I was fighting mobs. I assumed it was my old keyboard.
  11. That exact same thing happened to me on another server: lost all of my most expensive items and that made me quit the server for good and MC for months. Hope that doesn't happen here, and hope I'm not carrying splash fire resistance around for nothing.
  12. hmm, I think I know what it is. It's due to the new code to keep unbreakable items from registering durability damage.
    Anytime your hit, the items are refreshed to ensure the client has the real durability shown, which is cancelling the action.

    And because "Item is damaged event" doesn't tell the item slot, I just refresh your hotbar+armor.

    I have an idea to fix it.
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  13. Ah so my problem was because I was wearing voter's armor?
  14. Isn't there already a feature in vanilla minecraft that allows items to never take durability loss?
    http://imgur.com/a/n3eSd (Album demonstration)
  15. Oh, I see.
  16. The PvP arena doesn't destroy armor and weapons? Great, now I'll actually have to check that out when I get good enough gear.