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  1. 153 out of 801 hp 2014-08-17_06.53.42.png
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  2. wow enraged zombies have 801 health maybe a glitch in the damage indicators mod and nice texture pack
  3. I snapped a pic of something yesterday. It was flying and on fire. 2014-08-16_19.07.47.png
  4. It was a marlix
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  6. wow u caught marlix in a photograph
  7. Did you kill it?
  8. Thank'all for the Marlix info. :)
  9. No was /ps level 1 at the time gathering cactus.
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  10. Still get tokens :D always worth killing EMC mobs, still awesome you've seen one!
  11. Next time on "I didn't know it was Marlix"...
  12. When I hunt, I put it on level 5, but when I mine or gather I put it n level 1 and the "enraged " and apparently the mini bosses don't mess with me . Sorry for putting it on your post. I should Have done more research. I thought maybe it was the same thing. Now that I Know it's a Marlix there will be no next time. :)
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  13. Asking about something is nothing to be sorry for, a Marlix is a very odd looking mob :D
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