[Bug] No idea what this is...

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  1. So. Yay. Bugs.

    I was sitting afk and heard a chest being opened and sure enough someone was going through some chests. I switched to residence chat and said "Hello" as he was right in front of me. And was he not? Was he invisible?

    It says he wasn't there, but he was. This was the first time I experienced this...

    2014-07-27_21.50.56.png 2014-07-27_21.50.59.png 2014-07-27_21.51.14.png 2014-07-27_21.51.20.png
  2. Chat was probably off. That message comes up if they have chat off if I remember right.
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  3. It means he has chat off.
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  4. #HashtagSwerve
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  5. Sorry, but I couldn't resist. :D
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  6. Thanks :) have some free likes.