[BUG] Mobs spawning

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  1. Hello EMC Community,

    As some might know I am one of the leaders of the SMP2 Public Utilities. Our first ever farm was a Gold Farm. After testing this farm for weeks we have had the final product, Two weeks ago something happened with the Pigman cage. When killing a pigment this message came:

    The Pigman spawned next to you and the next thing you know you're dead. I made this thread to hear other players comments and if this happened to anyone before or am I the only victim about this bug or glitch.

    -SMP2 Community
  2. What's your difficulty setting on smp2?
  3. I mostly work on 7 but I have tried this on all difficult stages and I am still getting the same response.
  4. That's no bug, that's a feature put in the game so you can't easily just grind mobs on a high difficulty.
  5. You should be fine at 6, I think at 7 too... Then I sadly don't know what's happening here, I'm sorry.
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  6. I've never had that happen on ps 5. Above 5, yes. But 5 or below, you should be fine :/ Sushi Drop isn't safe above ps 6, and I only recommend using 5 there. Nothing like the guardians not dying and being in a pit of sharks with lasers on their heads LOL
    Suggestion - If your build doesn't run on aggro, put in a strength beacon to make them 1 hit kills.
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