[Bug?] Mending Enchantment doesn't always work

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  1. Hey EMC, this has been the case for a while that mending won't work if you have multiple items with mending on, even if the other items are at full durability. And I'm not sure but I think sometimes it doesn't work outright. Anyone know why this is the case?
  2. If you have multiple items with mending it will randomly attempt to place the xp on one of the items. If the item is at full durability it will add the xp to your xp count and not add it to the item that is not at full durability. I have never had any issues of losing xp.
  3. Oh, I thought that it checked for items with damage, and avoided ones that didn't. So if I was wearing full mending armour and I had my pick in my offhand, it wouldn't try to put it on my armour, it would go to my pick (if my pick was damaged and the armour was full) Also not 100% on this, but I think I've had times where I had damaged mending armour and a tool or multiple tools, and it didn't go to any of them, it just went to my xp bar. I have found that when it doesn't work it works better if I only have one mending item in my inventory
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  4. Correct.
  5. It goes to armor you're wearing or to items you're holding.

    Take off the armor, you can put it into your inv but it's probably good to avoid the hotbar.
    Place the item you want repaired into your hand and then collect XP.
  6. Well that's the thing, it's not like that. It should be that if you have multiple mending items but only one of them needs repairs, it should only go the one that needs repairs, not try to go to ones that don't and then just get put in your xp bar
    I know it works better if you take off your armour, it's just an inconvenience id rather avoid if possible.
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