[ BUG ] Marlix Sometimes suicide and give NO reward

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  1. Again. This bug is annoying :(
    l suggest please fix this Bug.

    l hit Marlix with P5 F1 bow to 5 time
    while battle, it died itself.
    Even no token

    Diffculty is 5 (Default)

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  2. this bug is known, whats worse is sometimes when he hits water he disappears completely
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  3. It is better that you privately message bugs to Aikar so he has a great chance at seeing it.
  4. A bit of an aside... tho it is a mob suicide bug... has anyone else had troubles keeping sheep, cows and pigs alive in the wilderness when they can climb, and jump off of buildings, taking damage, eventually resulting in death? (i.e. is it a known bug out side of me gabbing in town chat about it?)

    While somewhat humorous it is a bit of a pain to retrieve spawn eggs from town to periodically repopulate my livestock. :)
  5. wouldnt it be easier to pen like 2 of them and just breed as many as you like?
  6. This has happened to me like 4 times!
  7. Certainly. And gradually I'm doing that for animals I wish to actually harvest. But there is just something more fun (to me) about having some just roaming near the HQ building. :)
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  8. I've lost at least 6 pigs, 4 cows and at least 3 sheep to this behavior. (Although the sheep count is fuzzy, pun not intended but I'll take it, some have managed to escape too... Red and blue sheep just don't spawn naturally.)
  9. I think it's different from the Marlix issue, but if an animal can walk more than 20 blocks in any direction it is not immune to random despawning unless you use a name tag on it. Also, it is not recommended by the MC ASPCA to allow your sheep to jump off roofs.
  10. I know it's a separate issue. Just seems a bit odd that a MOB would choose a path that damages them when there is another nondamaging path available. Wasn't sure if others were seeing this too. It's why I asked. (i.e. is it just my designs? ...etc.) Sounds like it's not just me. As for the despawning. I'm aware of that. The escapees are blue and red sheep in the wild near my HQ... they've not despawned. The confirmed deaths are those where I find meat or wool where a MOB otherwise would have been....

    Oh, and now my horses are getting in on the roof jumping... oy! I'm just glad my donkey hasn't joined them yet.
  11. It is a bit unclear, but what is causing the damage?
  12. Falling. They walk off the precipitous drop instead of back the way they came. Visit my HQ and you'll see what I mean.

    On a similar path finding / damage note, i had a bunch of wild (i.e. not in the fence line) cows suicide against cacti I had setup on the sandy shores near the HQ. The creepers, however, didn't. So I removed the cacti.
  13. I mean the marlix in the Original post. But, I do not know why animals may seemingly intentionally take fall damage.