[BUG] Losing Hunger in Town

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  1. I don't know if this is a common issue or not, but I was running around my second residence on SMP3 and losing hunger. It might be just because it's a new player but it has been happening since yesterday, any way to fix it?
  2. Are you lagging? I noticed that was happening to me only when I'm lagging...
  3. Players lose hunger when walking on a banned player's residence. It's been that way for as long as I can remember.
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  4. When a player is banned, all the flags are removed and you lose hunger on the banned users res.

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  5. Welp, time to read the wiki for 5 hours!
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  6. This was happening on SMP8 as well and I wasn't on my res there.
  7. That means that player is banned as well ;)
  8. Wasn't on a res, I was on Town Spawn.
  9. If you're doing something to decrease the hunger bar (sprinting, jumping, etc) it won't refresh until after you stop.
  10. It's possible the healing flag is turned off at spawn.
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  11. Terms of Service:
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    Breaking the rules while trying to claim that you didn't do anything wrong to get banned is not likely to help your case.

    But on topic, I thought it had always been that running on town roads lead to lost hunger??
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  12. I've already told a few staff that it was me, and they haven't said anything, and if you would look Krysyy has already replied and did not say anything about it either. :)
  13. Likely because I was more concerned with helping find an answer, since that's what this thread is all about =). But seriously, if it's not you who was banned, then it's not your business.
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