[bug] Glichy old horses

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  1. I have been experiencing a bug with horses, whenever i spawn one it is a baby, if i grow it up with sugar, it kind of works, apart from the fact if i ride it it turns into a baby. :(
  2. I'd love if this could be fixed because it show's the horse as an adult but then reveals it's true form as a foal (I think that's what it's called).
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  3. its a visual error I wouldn't worry about it
  4. I tried doing it for him and used a couple stacks of sugar, I still couldn't ride it
  5. I can confirm this weirdness. Seems like a bug to me because normally you'd be able to speed up the grow process by feeding the horse. Of course not as speedy as it happens in game right now ;)
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  6. i always just give it a full stack of sugar and then i'm able to ride it
  7. a bit of a waste though :p
  8. i don't mind :p
  9. When you spawn the horse and it's a baby is the intended feature on EMC. You not being able to ride it, is a visual glitch, continue to feed it until you are certain it is an adult, otherwise you'll have to feed it even more.
  10. I used 3 stacks and it didn't work
  11. I had this problem then I just used 48 sugar exactly and it was fully grown up
  12. If you have any mods or mod loaders it causes this.
  13. I can confirm he has none of these
  14. Or can you?
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  15. It's a visual problem. If you feed a horse 40 sugar it should be full grown
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  16. Feeding a horse 64 sugar will ensure that it works every time. But if that doesn't work, then just wait the 5 minutes for your horses to grow.
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  17. You might need to re-eggify it. I've had this issue before
  18. Tedious and wasteful.
  19. 20 wheat works as well.
  20. Just stop your bickering, its golden apples all the way.

    I have never had this bug be a problem, just feed and check every few times.