[BUG] Can't break some blocks with enchanted pickaxe

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AlexC__, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. ...but I can with my hand? Check this out:

    Also, forgot to demonstrate that I can break other blocks with the pickaxe such as wool (still with block lag) and sandstone. Can't break glowstone but everything else can, I'm pretty sure. I don't think that it's my internet either, this never happens and it first appeared yesterday.
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  2. Had the same issue with block staying there when you want to place a new block.. You'll need Aikar here..
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  3. Probably will :/
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  4. He's the tech master :D
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  5. I had the same issue when laying down glowstone wrong in my tree farm :/ had to waste the glowstone and smash with fists :( Really needs to be fixed!
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  6. Oh I thought I was the only person having this issue. Looks like there are others after all
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  7. Yeah I thought I was too, I thought one or more of my mods had messed it up for me... Lucky (sorta) it's an EMC issue...
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  8. I'm guessing something to do with recent enchantment changes after 1.4.6. It's a relief that I'm not the only one though, it's making my building really slow.
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  9. Lol it makes me not want to build until its fixed
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  10. I know right :/ I have demolish some stuff and this bug makes me have to do it 5x slower :/

    Also, can't break dirt with the pickaxe
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  11. Well, can't do anything until this is fixed so I guess that means no New Years Eve 4005 opening, sorry guys. :/
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  12. It's actually a vanilla issue...

    They made it so pickaxes with effeciency cant break blocks faster except for normal pickaxe blocks (stone etc)

    well, they goofed up and made the client still break at 1.4.5 speeds it seems, but server doesnt allow it.

    Spigot had reverted that change and put block breaking back to 1.4.5 but I reverted that to keep us on Vanilla gameplay mechanics, but now I see why he did that.... I'll be putting it back in.

    You can build, just dont use an efficiency pick.
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  13. Ahh.. vanilla. Bummer D:

    Yeah, but right now I rely on demolishing which I can't do because it's wool. So... how do you enchant shears again? :3 I'm so used to efficiency it would be painfully hard to mine wool at normal speeds.
  14. Also, preventing players to break un-pick required blocks is probably the most annoying thing they could do for me. :/ How long till you might be able to fix it, Aikar?
  15. Still no fix? :/
  16. Anndddd still broken :/
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  17. I have had this same problem with breaking glass/dirt with an eff pick.

    But if I exit and unload all my mods it works! So maybe installed mods problem?

    I use Magic launcher,
    Forge loader
    Rei mini map
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  18. Read up, just waiting for a magical fix from Aikar/Bukkit/Mojang :3
  19. This isn't Vanilla Bug! Its by Aikar to stop people with Eff picks mining faster and then wasting their money on pickaxe's that dont work!
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  20. Could I still break obsid with my eff. 5 diamond pick?
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