[BUFF] Zombie Squids

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  1. Listen up. We all know the biggest guy here, right? Momentus. This fight is extremely easy to cheese*. So why not make it harder to cheese*? If Momentus ever submerges himself in water (either on accident or on purpose by a player), instead of summoning his normal minions, he would summon squid minions instead! These squid minions would chase the player in a way that is similar to the way squids work now, but with less time between pulses and longer distances with each pulse, and de-aggro from the player if they are not in water. Asides from this, he would act the same. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you like it.

    *It is easy to make this fight unfair in the player's favor by submerging yourself and having momentus bob above you.
  2. How would you fight a Momentus in the middle of the ocean, then?

    It seems like a good idea, and I think that there needs to be some sort of patch for being able to just go underneath him and shoot him when he can't detect it, but I don't think a whole new minion type would be the ideal solution.

    I think it'd be more reasonable if you get hurt if two conditions are true. If Momentus is currently in water and if you are underneath him when you attack, then it should deal a decent bit of damage to you. It would be like thorns, but it would completely ignore the armor you have on and do a fixed rate of damage per hit (2 hearts per 'cheap hit' sounds good) and every time you deal a 'cheap hit', it tells you in chat that you need to fight Momentus on a level axis.
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  3. This would be a better solution. Still, fighting him in the oecan really gives you an edge because you move so much faster than either Mom or his minions, so some sort of way to negate the speed decrease would be great, like maybe a new set of Momentus armor that has frost walker for when 1.9 comes.
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