BruceHornsby loves the Wild Frontier

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  1. Ouh yeah xD I will play this everytime I have to take the boat to go to my wild islands, it'll be so much fun and the speed feeling much more intense xD Oh, it should also work when you have to take a cart to a faaaaaar, far away land :p And sing it out loud to the pigmen you see you on your way.
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  2. Take me all the way back!
    To the wild frontier!
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  3. Awesome!

    I want that in game. Like in the EMC wild as noteblocks / redstone thingy.
    I am starting a challenge.
    Starting the fund with 10K rupees.
    Challenge is:
    Make a part of the song I can recognize in game in the EMC wild. Proof would be verified witnesses and a youtube video would be highly appreciated.
    Who is willing to take the challenge or jump in to make the fund bigger? ;)
    The 10K are meant as a start but I really want to see this :)
  4. Maybe make a forum about it to get more people's attention?
  5. Well I wanted to hear from the people in this thread first. If it is a stupid idea people will ignore it. If it catches on we can make a thread for the competition itself.