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  1. There might be a thread on this already, but I did a quick search and couldn't find it, so please don't yell at me if this info is out there somewhere ;)

    Some of my shop signs don't work. Customers get the message that I am out of stock when the chest is full. I made the signs using the code name for the item on the bottom row to make it more accurate - should I have just typed in the item name instead? What else could be causing this error? I have a zillion horses I need to sell! (among other random things)
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  2. First: what kind of items are we talking about here? The most common cause for this is using a wrong name. I'd always suggest to use /iteminfo while holding the item in your hand, then using the code at the bottom line of the shop sign.

    However: this doesn't work on all items (enchanted items come to mind) and then you'd need to use slot signs.
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  3. Namely, my horse eggs. A few other random items but I have to get a friend in to check what works and what doesn't and that takes time - none of my horse chests are working and I made them all using the code from /iteminfo.
  4. Horse eggs have to be sold with the slot signs. ShelLuser has a link in his post on slot signs. Good Luck!
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  5. Gotcha. I haven't done any horse trading myself (not even sure if I ever bought a horse) so I don't speak from personal experience here. However, I'm fairly sure that you'll need to use slot signs to sell horse spawn eggs. To my knowledge this is because of the different statistics which each horse can have. Regular spawn eggs don't have those and are therefor basically, well, regular.

    So I'd suggest to check that link (points to a wiki page) which explains in detail how you need to set up slot signs.

    Hope this helps!

    PS (edit): when re-reading that wiki section (player shop signs / slot shop signs) I can clearly see that it can be confusing because it doesn't specifically mention horse spawn eggs. I'll look into that this evening. Thanks for pointing this out Petunia. Its questions like yours which can really help us improve on the wiki pages.
  6. Highly Suggested as well
  7. I believe your problem is that you have a chest of horse eggs you want to sell. You're using a slot shop sign like Shel suggested. (If you're not, just pretend you were.) But as soon as someone buys a single horse egg, the shop won't work.

    This is due to the function of shop signs. Basically, they sell all items matching the item in the slot # you picked (in this case 1, and you should keep using 1 for this) before the slot chest sells the item in the slot you picked.

    So if I were selling enchanted pickaxes with Silk Touch I, I'd make a shop and put [SLOT 1] on the fourth line. If I put 9 picks with silk touch in there, it would sell slots 2-9 before it sold the first one. From the wiki:
    If you used a slot sign (pretty sure you did), then you're off to a good start. However, there's one other thing you should know:

    Items in the rest of the slots need to match the one in slot 1. This includes horse stats, which have to be exactly the same for them to be sold. Chances are all your horses have different stats, which is a problem because only one is being sold. There is a really easy fix to it, and that's to only allow one horse egg to be in the chest at the same time.

    To do that, you'll need to use a hopper with another chest. This is what it should look like:

    After you've got this part set up, it's time to start stocking. In the bottom chest, slots 2-27 should be dirt (any item will work), and slot 1 should be what you're selling. It should look like this:

    Now the final part: put all of your other horse eggs in the top chest. Whenever someone buys a horse egg, a new one will take its place, and you'll have a fully functioning horse shop!
  8. OK, wow I did not use slot signs when I was getting the error the first time around, (just the code for horse egg) so I read the guide and re-did all my signs to slot signs last night. I will try the hopper solution when I get home from work; thank you everyone for all the help!
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