Bring back water in pvp

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  1. now that there a fish flag works
    PLEASE bring water back in the arenas.
    I personally do not understand why water was ever taken out since people fished at their own risk. Title says it all, its PVP, anyone is fair game once in the arena.
  2. +1
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  3. we need it back, its pointless now. y did they take water from the traps.. u cant fish there anyways.
  4. I Loved That Arena With The Water So If You Were On Fire You Could Just Jump Into Water, But ATM Theres No Escape From Ultimamaxx Turkey Slice :p
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  5. Adding the water back will help extinguish me as I burn up from other peoples flame arrows and flame swords, so +1.

    I think the water was taken out, temporarily, to avoid a fishing "abuse" where you can fish with no durability hit on your enchanted rod.

    But if anyone else is in the arena, they will not catch very many fish, but instead catch arrows and such :).