Bring back the mobarena!

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  1. I think so, but with a few twists:
    Everyone gets a set of starting armor (iron w/ unb 3) and a sword (Iron w/ unb 3) and a bow (unb 3 infinity 1) with arrow (Instantly goes away when leaving mobareana)

    Less mobs to start with, then more mobs as it goes on

    Everyone gets something, the longer you last, the more you get

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for special items for these things-
    Killed most
    Lasted longest
    At the end, people will get stuff for this-
    Time lasted (1 diamond per min)
    Mobs killed (10r per mob)
    Player deaaths before your death (10r per)

    Hope you like! :D
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  2. No. Not because this is a bad idea (because it is something that would work), it's just it doesn't solve the issues of why the arena closed in the first place.
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  3. Thanks for linking that rainbow. Anyways, mob arena was removed for a certain reason (I think it was because of harassment) but it will come back.
  4. Meh, I moly went in those with a stick and ran around jumping everywhere. I was preparing and spent 20k on armor and golden apples and more to prepare for the mob arena, then they closed it :O
  5. Not now, as must as I wish, there are just people that always win, unless they don't want to play or let others win. the players started complaining to staff and to winners and trust me, it is annoying, i have been through many Mob Arena wins and the spam is quite a bit to stand, people asking for items back and asking for you to open the chest for public... Some of the EMC isn't mature enough to accept that they lost, and over-reacted, therefor the Mob Arena shut down, It will not open back up for awhile.
    EDIT: Just finished the post and realized the armor and bow sword stuff for free when u join the arena, If they opened it back up, that would be a NoNo, They warn you if you bring the stuff you like and you count it valuable, you might die and loose it all, and for the diamonds and rupees part, that would extremely hard to keep up, and would lag users even more with bad computers not made for gaming, And if i had all those perks when I played in the Mob Arena actively I would be so rich.... 10r times hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousand of mobs i have killed, just in one round, and I have won over 20, So... the perks they had before is goo enough, if you win you get lot's of good stuff, but they warn you if you loose you loose all you bring,
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  6. In my opinion, I used to spend most of my EMC time exp grinding and then selling enchanted books, then I use the extra exp for my armor and the money to buy more apples and diamonds for armor, After awhile it became a job, I mean, the Mob Arena is fun and enjoy it alot, if it opened up again, i would be there... but I think the staff made the right decision in closing it.
  7. Nay. The mob arena was fine as it is, and was not closed because of the way it was run.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  8. I just note, you are muted to only the mobarena when entering the res.
  9. This will happen but it will be in a separate games world I believe. Please do not bump this idea.