Bring back the Dye and Seed Shoppe on SMP3!

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  1. Hello people of EMC, it is I, your great and humble leader, Mrlegitislegit, and I am bring back my shop on SMP3! As some of you know, my shop was the go to place for dyes on SMP3, but at around the same time SMP3 lost most of its veterans, my shop started to die. I left it there as I had nothing else to build. Now, I am bring back one of the oldest, from what I know, shops on SMP3. I will be setting up chests outside of the shop for you to sell my some dyes! I am needing:

    1. Blue dye
    2. Red dye
    3. Yellow dye
    4. Black dye
    5. Cyan dye
    6. Orange dye
    7. Lime dye
    8. Light blue dye
    9. Green dye
    10. Pink dye

    So, in other words, I need mostly everything. I will be selling these at the price I sell them, but at the amount of a stack, so red dye, which costs 3R for one, will be 192R for a stack. Now, I still need to set up chests, and I am going to lose A LOT of rupees from this, but I want to make my shop come back, so it will be worth it! I will post here when the chests are up!
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  2. Your bringing the dye back
    ( yeah )
    Them other owners dont know how to act
    ( yeah )
    Not sure of any other rhymes, seemed like the time for it.
  3. Red and Blue dyes are up to sell to me.
  4. -Until these pathetic Vault Hunters showed up, that is.
  5. Your not my leader!
  6. Can we go back to the point of this thread.
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  7. Got some more signs up, I will put the rest up later.
  8. Your statement is invalid.
  9. Bump of no one has sold.