Brew4U Potions Shop (smp2)

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  1. Greetings, EMC!

    Due to the seeming lack of good potion shops on EMC, I have started a potions specialty store at 4062 on smp2. My shop sells every single potion variety - and I mean all of them - at very competitive prices. I also buy all varieties of potions for 1r less than the selling price. You may have to ask in advance for splash potions, as gunpowder is tricky to acquire, but most other potions are well-stocked. As for harmful potions, they are only available by special request to trusted players.
    With that said, feel free to come check the shop out! Please be respectful (i.e. don't buy everything and resell it). If you need a large order, please PM me in-game instead of responding on the forum, as I don't check it very often.

    Happy brewing!
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  2. If you want, I can supply you gunpowder.
  3. I could definitely use a supplier for that, but it depends on the price. What were you thinking per gunpowder?
  4. I'll help, too!

    EDIT: 1 gunpowder=10r
  5. Hm, think you could go down to 8r each?
  6. Sounds good. I have a place to sell 64 sulphur for 512r in the back of my potions shop. Thanks!
  7. Make a 1 for 8 too!
  8. What are your prices? :)

    Oh and in addition, I like your profile pic [hehe random]
  9. So this potion shop is the best ever. I go there everytime for my potion needs instead of having to go through the horrible task of making each potion. So easy and cheap! *Blatant Advertisement*
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  10. How do u get ur magma cream as u need slime balls which r expensive and so far they don't spawn naturally until 1.3 comes out
  11. I just use slimeballs. Someone was selling them cheap, so I stocked up. Sorry for not being able to restock my potions lately, I've been somewhat busy.
  12. And Ethereum, you'll just have to check the prices in-store. There are too many to list. As an example, though, swiftness potions are just 3r each.
  13. Slimes spawn naturally...
  14. Just curious, but how much do splash instant health I potions go for?
  15. Lack of good potions shop... khm.. i guess you don't know about mine the most super duper awesome, incredible amazaing, insanly greatly fantastic potion shop on smp1 :confused:

    EDIT: I sell splash potions too, all in stock, also mob drops/ ingredients for potions:cool:
  16. This may be true, but are you an eskimo? A supereskimo in fact? I always feel confident in my purchases from eskimos.
  17. Is this because of my res on smp9?
  18. Haha, no. I've never even logged onto smp9. I was just joking as supereskimo (The owner of Brew4U) is a friend on Empire Minecraft. I'm attempting to give him good publicity for his shop :)