Breeding Ocelots...

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  1. So I was reading wiki, and it says....

    "Unlike other passive mobs, Ocelots can despawn in the same fashion as hostile mobs. This makes it difficult for the player to permanently cage or hold the Ocelot in any form of captivity."

    So this makes breeding and holding these cats impossible unless u stay on to watch them. And if you do (which they take 20 min to grow up) it doesnt say anything about a cat that u tame if that despawns.

    anyone have info?
  2. are you just gonna breed them or are you gonna eggify them?
  3. I'm hating my ocelots right now! I've wasted several eggs because I keep losing my connection and they despawn. right now I'm sitting in an underground bunker with two kittens waiting for them to grow up so I can tame them. I really hope that they won't despawn like that once they become kitties, but I don't know either -_- I'll let you know how it goes...
  4. do what i do when i collect eggs... go to where u can see everything - afk for around 5-10 minutes... move around say hi - go back to afk
  5. I managed to tame one as a kitten right after i got it out of an egg. the others just ran around my res and despawned.
  6. If anyone will sell me an ocelot I'll buy!
  7. Despawn while u were loged in?
  8. yep
  9. The two I had grew, but the server crashed and they were gone... POOF! I noticed that the puppies I bred were tame
    if the parents were tame, so I'm going to try to tame a couple of wild ocelots and see if their kits are tame. Back to the jungle I go!
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  10. I had my first success :D

    I think the thing that got me annoyed is they don't seem to accept fish to be tamed when they're running about - and are kicking up dust. you have to wait for them to stop running, and if you chase them they seem to keep running. Also don't do what i did and just spawn the egg in the open on your lot, better to do it in a pit so they only have so far they can go.

    i imagine the market will get saturated pretty quick, so if you don't want to pay through the nose, just wait a few days. I've set my price at 75r but only have one egg for sale so far. I imagine the empire shop will be about 275r as that's what wolves are.
  11. People have been buying my eggs for 2K each :eek:
  12. Yeah I don't think that kind of price will last very long, once everyone's got a couple they'll all be selling them.
  13. My ocelots escaped by literally opening a trap door and running out I was so angry :mad: Especaily since I got it from a jungle Biome!
  14. were they tamed?
  15. my kittens wont grow up...have been there for over 4 hours
  16. This is due lack. They REALLY Take long.
  17. I can't even get mine to stand up any more...
  18. are you nearby? i don't think they'll grow if the chunk isn't loaded, mine so far have only taken about 15-20 minutes, 4 hours sounds like somethings wrong.
  19. what it takes me 1 hour to mature them