Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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  1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! To celebrate, Azaka7 has made me a Breast Cancer Banner, and I decided to make a thing out of it! I am handing these out for free and mailing these to as many people as possible! If you have not gotten one and want one, contact me and I will mail/give one to you! Also, ww2fan168, BlinkyBinky, DubChef, and Kaptrix are helping me give these out! Once again, HUGE thanks to Azaka7! That's all for today, bye!!
  2. Just got one mailed to me when I logged in. Hanging up on my wall now, they're really cool and creative. :)
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  3. Thanks!
  4. I would be interested in receiving one as well. Thanks a bunch! :D
  5. Oh sorry, I'll definitely give one to you!!!!
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  6. Please send me a banner Mrs_Fuzzlewuzzle.

    Thank you for providing this service.

    The irradiation of all forms of cancer is particularly important to me. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer (Stage 2 that had not spread to my lymph nodes). I had half of my large intestine removed and underwent nine months of chemotherapy. Since that time I have been cancer free. Thank God!

    Even worse for me is the fact that a friend from work has been diagnosed with cancer (Stage 4). At this point, they believe that it started in her uterus. She began her chemotherapy on Wednesday. She needs everyones prayers.

    Thanks again! I will display this banner with pride and hope.
  7. Wow. I wish her prayers and all of my good wishes. I am so happy for you, though and will give you a banner!
  8. I do have one small comment.. Don't sent it out to everyone you can think of unasked unless you really know that person. Thing is: not everyone might like to be confronted with this; some use EMC to get away from reality a bit.

    Just my 2 cents of course.
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  9. I wish I had thought of this before.
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  10. May I have two, to place it somewhere in my theme park?
  11. I changed My Banner as my mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor!
  12. I would like one. If they are still available?
  13. I so want one!
  14. Could I get a banner also please.
  15. Thank you for the banner! Would you mind if I copied it so I might have one for each of my res's? ..Or better yet .. would you mind if any of us copied it to hand out with the story of what it's for?

    edited to add: The creator would be credited as well.
  16. I'll take 2, one for one for Bitnibbles, a friend.
  17. How are they made? I would like to have it as my Optifine cape for a little while :)
  18. Please contact azaka7 for that info :p
  19. Of course!!!
  20. I'll take 2 if they are still available, and repay you for the mail costs.