Break that website!

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  1. I broke emc!!! Go to to be an epic sorcerer like me!! But really, you get a bookmark, open it on the website you want to break (doesnt work on some sites) and a gui will appear. select growth rate # of items and whatever else and you have a wrecking ball! [insert bad pun and song here]
  2. Wow what a great idea now people can break EMC!
  3. Or you just use inspect element :rolleyes:
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  4. I use something better :p
  5. One name; Inspect Element...
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  6. My internet does this fine... :p
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  7. But with kat hack you get a fun colorful rolly, sticky growing ball and music!
  8. Wait, you hacked EMC?
  9. No, no one has done any actual hacking here :p
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  10. Only he sees what he has done. Nothing gets saved to the actual EMC site that everyone sees.
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  11. I think the new homepage for EMC I made looks a lot cleaner then the old one :p
    new emc website.png
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  12. why do that when you can download the page and put it through a file corrupter

    all the html got messed up and the text is garbled
  13. I prefer to just decompile EMC's Web HTML, and enter through the backdoor i don't think Aikar remembers making. For all of you who can find the login page;
    username: Aikat
    Password: 0123qwerty
    Through this you can just enter square, and the staff IRC. If you guys tell Aikar I will be forced to eat myself.

    Jk, : D
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