Brave Explorers Wanted

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  1. Are you sick and tired of going to the wild to get stuff? Well, you can apply to come and explore the Nethers with me. All you have to do is write your name on this forum, why do you want to come to the nethers, and your special thing you do to keep the team alive! I'm going to limit the team to me and 4 pals coming.
    Also, Get prepared after saying anything on the forum. Some reasonable things are Bow and arrows, diamond gear, bread, melon,etc., Diamond/Iron Pick and Diamond/Iron sword, and most of all, wood.
    The method I'm chosing to do is writing down names and picking out of a hat, so it would be fair!
    Also, the main servers the team is going is smp2, smp5 and smp4. No Utopia because not everyone is a supporter. I used to have supporter, and I still miss it...
    Okay! The deadline for applying for this is June 13, giving a little time to earn rupees and packing up for the trip. Happy Preparing!
    P.S When you die, we'll make chests so bring LOTS and LOTS of wood!!
    P.P.S Everything we find is going to be split up into one another.
    P.P.P.S Tell your friends!!
    P.P.P.P.S Nothing! Just like doing P.S's....
  2. Mrlegitislegit
    I have never really done anything with the nether, so I want to try! :)
    I'm good with a bow, which in the nether, is a must.
  3. Ok Mr. Legit! I'll Put you in " The Chosen Basket" lol!!
  4. Also, anyone who comes along, BRING LOTS OF SNOWBALLS. They are good for fighting blazes.
  5. If EMC would put more RAM into the game, i could go to the nether (Or if i could afford a good computer)

    I'll explore the normal wild with you some time. I do need to submit another adventure log to MCQ soon....
  6. Thanks for fact, MrLegit!
    The method changed from picking to first come first served!!!
  7. My name is xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    The nether is my favortie, thats where i get my gold ;)
    I LOVE killing pig zombies, their stupid and dumb ( even though their my brothers )
  8. Congrats, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx.....Your in!! Pack up and stock on the items above!!
    Question People: Should we explore both Nethers and Wild?
    Comment and vote!!
  9. When will we be adventuring the nether?
  10. My name is Iceraider14
    The nether is my favorite place,I get glow there ;)
    I love killing pig zombies, dueling with Ghasts are also a hobby of mine.
  11. I love to kill pig zombies too hehe
  12. I say only Nether. Why, I have explored the wild so much, nothing surprises me.
  13. Not even jockeys surprise me anymore. Nor diamonds....
  14. It would suprise me for a quadruple skele spawner to pop up :)
  15. Im sorry, i have to decline from this group. I hope you guys have fun in the nether.
  16. Ok, sorry for the offline! This is what I have to say!!
    -It's ok,PIG. I know you have importent stuff going around!
    -redwing, do you want to sigh up?
    -Iceraider14, you can come! I appreciate the eagerness!! :D
    - Looks like we're only doing the nethers, then.
    -Who is already prepared? What's your status right now?

    We'll be going soon!!
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  17. Thank you for understanding.
  18. I can come to the wild too Creppa.Ready anytime!
  19. I'd like to enter. I won't live in the nether,but had been in the nether tons of times. Always got there for glowstone
  20. N-o-l-e-9-7-2
    I Only Goto Nether On Smp1 and 3,4,5,6