Brand New Mall on smp4,Buying Most Items!

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  1. Hello I have started yet another mall for the people of smp4. I am buying almost everything for a reasonable price! i have most things stocked but stock is very light so help me out and sell me some stuff please and feel free to buy all you want! The mall is located on smp4 at /v +budha or /v 9898
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  2. Use flag is off. :p

    Edit: For pressing the buttons. xD
  3. Fixed
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  4. If you need advertising you could look at my thread Zikko's NewsPaper
  5. I will use this a little.....I hope you don't mind if I use it for stock at my mall (only some items). :p
  6. So thats were you go when i cant find you
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  7. I don't mind at all :) like I said stock is still pretty low a it's brand new os of last night
  8. Do you buy promos?
  9. depends which one u got
  10. bump check it outt!
  11. Scrnshots of the mall plz?
  12. Should be right at the top?
  13. No need for bumping.
  14. Bumping is a way to get a thread noticed. There is a need for bumping, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so.

    Edit: If you don't think there's a need for bumping, why did you just bump your thread?
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  15. You should read forum rules I think and the guides to successful business posts in fact ur post is kinda against the rules so yeah
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