Brand new gambling machine!!!!!!!

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  1. So what you have to do is put 5 iron ingots in the chest. Exit the chest wait for the light and grab your prize!!!(there is no dirt for a prize. If there is tell me as soon as possible and I will get you a different prize.)
  2. What residence is this located on? Has this game been approved by staff?

    EDIT:You can also edit your posts instead of posting corrections. :)
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  3. If it's a gambling machine then I believe you need it approved by staff. :)
    As for this, please don't double/triple post, it's against the rules. You can simply press the edit or the delete buttons on the posts, thank you. :)
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  4. Everything what FDNY21 said you must do. (I started typing and then your message popped up you beat me this time FDNY21.
  5. It's more of a mystery box than a gambling machine
  6. But you've titled your thread as gambling machine...? :p
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  7. It's on smp5 at \v 11950
  8. I have checked it and yes it is a gamble machine. You would have to get that approved from staff.
  9. So when I watched the video on how to make it, he said its a gambling machine and a mystery box
  10. How do I get it approved?
  11. By PMing staff
  12. How do I get the machine approved?
  13. Literally just said by Ben just there... Message a staff member and have them check it out and approve it :)
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  14. EDIT :ninja'd by FNDY
  15. I told ya, PM staff.
  16. You should win about every time you put the iron ingots in. If you do win you will get some sort of tool. None of the tools are wooden.
  17. If I wanted it approved that is what he said to do
  18. You don't understand. It is illegal to have any game of chance (which is exactly what this is) without having the proper citations and approval.
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  19. Yes
  20. I had it approved
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