Boss Mobs Drops Are Now Horrible

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  1. Hello,

    Sorry if I come off annoying but, I have now killed TWO boss mobs and got NOTHING from them, not even exp and I looked ALL around where they died. I think they should at least increase minor drops as in diamonds,heads,etc. to be more common. I am tired of finding a boss mob and getting nothing. All I get is broken armor. Who agrees with me?:mad:
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  2. Minibosses(top)
    Miniboss mobs are a part of the Empire's Custom Mobs. Miniboss monsters are much stronger than Enraged Mobs. Players commonly call them "Bosses", but they are technically "Minibosses" as upcoming challenges such as Dragon Tombs will be much more challenging and earn the Boss title.

    Minibosses have been known to summon Enraged Mobs for assistance, which makes the fight even more challenging.

    They often have certain things they may be weak against, and some attack types they may be almost immune to. It is suggested to use enchanted armor and weapons to safely defeat these monsters, and they will be adjusted to prevent tactics that let you kill them without much challenge.

    They can have one or more powerful rare drops, as well as high quantity of drops such as diamonds.

    Minibosses have a much more rare spawn rate, with usually at least 1 hour before another will spawn in the same world. They will announce a creepy message in Chat alerting you one has spawned nearby. If a lot of players are in the same world as you, it could be rare to see a spawn as if someone else gets it to spawn near them, it will be at least an hour before you have a chance at it spawning near you.
    Directly from the wiki.
  3. Ya i think getting atleast a little something would be nice. Enough to make it exciting for people to actually kill a boss.
  4. They drop heads and shiny flesh or arrows every time, guaranteed.
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  5. You will ALWAYS get something IE rotten flesh, shiny flesh, zombie heads. and for marlx you will ALWAYS get shiny arrow or skeleton head if you look at the miniboss wiki there is a drop chart :)
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  6. I don't think this answers his problem... his problem is with the bosses not dropping enough/any loot. He is wondering if anyone else has problems with the loot, not looking for information about the bosses, and thinks its ridiculous to fight them and not receive anything.

    As for my reply, I've only fought one boss and I did not receive any loot what- so-ever either.
  7. Then there is a coding problem, because they are supposed to drop shiny arrows or shiny flesh and at least one head. Every Single Time
  8. I wouldn't think that increasing the drops of the minibosses is such a good idea. Where it would be a good idea to look at the problem a little more, since multiple people are having the same problem, increasing the drops would only make them drop more when they actually do drop something. Bosses already drop enough as they are.
  9. He Glitched then because he dropped A Bone... Nothing else I looked all around where he died and nothing (Marlix)
  10. I want to agree, maybe boost all drop rates 10-15%. But at the same time the mini boss drop items are a lot more special thanks to the low drop rate. But I hate killing a mini boss and not getting anything besides busted up armor and frustration.
  11. Well, and you get the fun and thrill of the fight