boss hunt series momentus,wither,marlix,enderdragon ect

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  1. hey guys this will be a new series were we can fight bosses i will plan it and it is going to happen often i will make a group and i have a crew already so try your best
  2. now there is prizes to those who help
  3. That's one way to get players to join you...
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  4. will you join
  5. just watch out for the nether dragon /o/ i wish there was more dragons or some kind of boss in the overworld
  6. Nopes...
  7. how come no minecraft vids i thought you would thats how you get subs
  8. Secrets ;) :

    Minecraft isn't only game in the world you derp :p
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  9. really
  10. No. There are many other games in the world, look at my youtube channel supermariobrosdeluxe and scroll through my videos for examples ;)
  11. *isn't,oops
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  12. well finnally got supporter and um...i have a 120 x 120 res anyone want to help my buisness?