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  1. Hi guys,
    I've been feeling extremely bored while playing lately. And plus i just finshed building my new mall and then i hear that the new shop update is coming soon and now i feel so dumb for building it at such a bad time. idk what to do i'm already consider quitting but idk any suggestions? :(
  2. It is not a bad time for your shop. Here is a link to the EMC development Roadmap...

    It won't be released before 1.4; but it is still somewhat far away in time. It will be done here in 2012, but not next week. I would hate to lose you, but start on a new project for a while. It is easy to get burned out if you aren't careful.
    I am not suggesting that you leave EMC, but take a couple days off to get some new thoughts rolling. When I get stuck on something - it usually helps a lot to sleep on it. Because I think better when rested and I usually use that time to a bunch of things I want to try out. Good Luck ;)
  3. I will try it out :) Thanks chick i appreciate it :) what should i do with my mall then when it comes out in 1.4? Because some people helped me estimate around 80k build cost? i don't want that going down the drain for nothing.
  4. ... You still need physical Chest and Shop signs for when the new system comes out. The new system will not come automatically with 1.4; but rather it will be easier for Aikar to finish that project with some features included in 1.4.

    Trust me on this - you will still need a physical shop.
  5. I see so am i going fine atm?
  6. Oh yeah, the "new" system will actually be completely optional. If you want you can continue with the setup you have right now.

    when it is finally released. your shop won't be automatically put in the system - so don't worry about it that much. You are doing fine
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  7. thanks dude. what about my boredom problems? cuz i love playing but its just when ever i log on its so ghostly only like 5 peeps on and i eventually run out of things to do.
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