How to enjoy EMC a little bit more

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  1. Alot of people have left EMC because of they don't find EMC as fun as it was few months ago, so I decided to make a "list" on how to enjoy EMC a little bit more.

    1. Change SMP - We have 9 servers regular members can play on. So instead of you getting tired of all the players you play with all day, change SMP and get some new friends.

    2. Give away or get rid of ALL your items - This will make you feel like you just joined the server, and this will make it more fun for you.

    3. Donate all your money - Give all your money away and set a goal for your self for example: Get 200k withing a week/ Get 500k withing a month

    4. Start a BIG project - Sit down and think about what you will enjoy building, think about something there will take you hours upon hours to build. This will give you another reason to join the server.

    5. Start living in wilderness - If you are an adventure type then you know that town is kinda boring, so start to live in the wilderness, start on a new in the wild. This will kinda feel like you just joined, so you have to gather resources and survive.

    6. Make a list of goals - Make a list of goals you wanna achieve here on EMC, this will give you another good reason to why you wanna play here, and if you put EFFORT into it you will enjoy EMC much more I'm 98% sure on that!

    This is what I could think of, if you have something you want added feel free to let me now. If it's good enough Ill add it to the list.

    I kinda got bored of EMC, so I decided to make a list on how EMC will be much more fun server to play on, and I wanted to share it with all you out there.

    When I first joined the server I made a list of goals to achieve, and I achieved them all so now EMC got abit boring, so I'm going to make a new achievement list or something else.
    I highly recommend to make a list of goals you wanna achieve and please PUT EFFORT INTO IT!

    My list of goals:

    Make a shop: Achieved ( I got rid of my shop tho)
    Make a cool looking Residence: Made that few times, working on my "new" residence atm
    Find my self a very good friend: Achieved, Oleyy was the lucky one =P
    Get a half million rupees: Done
    Get 1Million rupees: Done, I was 300k away from 3mil before I lost them all to PThagaard
    Get a Dragon egg: Achieved

    My last goal was to get a Dragon egg and I did achieve it, it costed me 2million rupees to achieve tho, and I sold it back to ignoramoose because of the new stupid Dragon egg update.
  2. This would of not made me leave...
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  3. :( Its not stupid to most people...:/
  4. These are cool ideas.
  5. If you had a original egg you will had thought the same way:)
  6. Thanks, do you have any ideas I could add?
  7. Stupid to me to...
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  8. Let me be honest with you, I decided to make this thread after I saw your goodbye thread. I wanted to leave EMC just like you, but instead of leaving I decided to make a list on how to enjoy emc, and your thread gave me a reason for why I should make my list public :p
  9. I dont think that way....
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  10. You didnt pay 2million rupees tho hihi :D

    Or hmm you did, because I sold mine back to you and Ignoramoose :p
  11. #2,3,4, and 5 do or will apply to me. Although I've been a member since January (I think) and I'm not even close to being board. There are still so many things I want to do.

    Nice post.
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  12. Bump Just so other bored people can see ^_^
  13. Thanks xan :D
  14. No problem mate :)

    Where have you been haha? :)
  15. Does that mean you are coming back?
  16. I'll probably :p cya for now gonna sleep... I was partying xan all day all night :D
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  17. Without inviting me! :confused:?
    I was in Turkey last week :D
  18. This is a great list. If i had to add one it would be say one nice thing about someone every time you log on to EMC. This will make people think better of you which will help you with making more Emc friends :D Plus it will brighten up the community a bit more ;)
  19. How did you lose your rupees to PT?
  20. He bought the dragon egg when it was rare.