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  1. So, I've been playing EMC for a while, took a 2-3 month break, but ever since I've came back, the 1.4 release has gotten me mad. They added a lot more things then necessary. I've been thinking. What should I do? Lot's of people in EMC are extremely nice, but I've had random feelings thinking that I should just leave. I'm fighting against my own self, which may be really pointless. It might, but I need more things to do. I'm building my hotel and shop (8382, SMP4), but that doesn't "Fullfill" my need of entertainment. So, any ideas guys?

    Thank you, my fellow community.


    EDIT: I've got to go soon, so I can't listen to your ideas.
  2. SMP4 FTW!! :D I live there 9139, 9140 :p
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  3. Yeah, I've seen you... I think...
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  4. Yeah I have seen you too :D
  5. Fight a wither!
  6. do my spiderweb challenge 10 times.
  7. Don't try it.
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  8. I did it before any of you people did. It took me 1 minute.
  9. It's not like it's 50 spiderwebs and you have to fall through all of them...


    EDIT: jamesg003 this time i'll remove use perms ;)
  10. No, i will not try to murder the wild.
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  11. It won't murder the wild. EMC is on easy difficulty (sad face). The wither, on easy, does as much damage as a creeper.
  12. An extremely annoyed, 100x harder to kill creeper ;)
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  13. My pinkie pie cannon. Your argument is invalid.
    If that doesn't work, copy and paste it.
  14. Anyways, trying to get on topic...
  15. I've felt the same since the 1.3 update and how all the glitches went on and some are still going on. By the sound of some of the things I've read, nobody cares to fix them. I hate getting things out of my chest and into my inventory or vice versa and then getting all the way wherever I am going with it, just to go to use it/open inventory and it go back to the chest. People have said to open and close the chest to make sure. The other night I was trying to get buckets of water to help clean up some lava griefing and had to do this three or four times because it kept replacing my buckets with the glass I had there first.

    I get on long enough to keep my res and stuff but that's it. Lag has also been so bad I had to use Optifine and I still barely get good FPS with that. I never had to do that before 1.3.

    As for what you can do, try spending time in the wild in an outpost? By yourself? Take a break and come back?
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  16. I agree, lag is pretty crazy. I say we downgrade to 1.2.5 ;)
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  17. Thanks Panda. I guess this is how we all will feel in life, one time or more.

    EDIT: PRO, how do you keep on posting before me... :confused:
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  18. He's a ninja.
  19. Brother*
  20. He's a ninja. Isn't that my skin...