BOOTMGR Ctr-Alt-Delete to Restart

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  1. That keeps coming up when I try to boot up my computer. I don't know what to do.
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  3. oh, but i can't move it
  4. What is your operating system and computer model?
  5. we have a dell desktop and windows vista
  6. my vote on what your problem is
  7. ?
  8. vista is likely where the source of your problem is (the more you use vista the worse it gets)
  9. is there any way to fix it
  10. get a new operating system is what I would do :p (however there is likely a way to fix your problem, however I have lost all knowledge of vista)
  11. I used to have vista, I had to upgrade to XP to fix it. After 7 came out I used that, and now I use 8, but I recommend you get Windows 7 to help your pc. Really worked for me :)
  12. If we were to replace our hardrive to fix this, is there a way to get out files from it
  13. the hard drive likely has nothing to do with this problem. any number of things could cause an error. from what i hear, windows vista is viewed worse than macs. the only things i can recommend are
    • 1.) Searching for a fix for this on google.
    • 2.) Upgrading your operating system to Windows 7 or 8. ( if you need info on how to do this, just ask )

    thats all i know to do, best of luck with your problem.
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  14. Meh. I got this a lot recently with uh spam and ads. Just had to clean up my PC by going to programs and unistalling things I never thought I had. Saved SOOO much GB and stress with "Buy Minecraft Free 1.5!" lol xD
  15. You don't need to upgrade operating systems ... all you need to do is put in the install disc for your operating system - and load up your pc using the disc ...then once it's loaded, you'll want to click 'repair your computer' or 'repair install' or something similar - each type has different wording.

    If you don't have the disc, then you might be able to safely load up your pc, and do a system restore... at least until you can do a fix.
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  16. Defenestrate your computer.
  17. Upgrade your OS for free! Install crunchbang, aka #!, and you will have less problems and more speed than ever :D
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  18. I did a quick search and saw this. Maybe it can help you.
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  19. Another reason I upgraded to XP and the others was because Vista could not play half the games I play, it was very...yeah, Vista just did not work for me :p
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  20. This is what you should do.
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