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  1. Dear All,
    Boom is a state trooper and was on a traffic stop. While on the traffic stop she was stuck by a vehicle and is now in the hospital. She has a broken leg, arm, hip, and a few broken ribs. She's now in rehabilitation for 2-3 months. She said she'll be back and be hopefully playing after rehab.

    If you want to write some prayers or something in a book theres a chest on her first res where you can do so.

    Officer Smitty
  2. I will do that:D
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  3. I highly suggest that you send this info to Krysyy so that she can give special residence derelict protections to BoomInAction.
  4. I have already done so.
  5. I'm wanting to have a party for her when she comes back. I hope some of you can attend, I'll post it on here a few days before the party happens.
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  6. Oh my!! I'm so sorry for the poor dear T_T of all the things to have to worry about on the job, inattentive drivers shouldn't be one of them >:$

    I would love to help with the welcome back party. Which Smp is her home server?

    I'm on smp1, and will be host a spring fair/event on the 16th, maybe at the very least we could set up another "sign the card" book & chest for her there too? Players who don't use the forums might see it and sign.
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  7. That would be perfect Kytula and her home smp is smp8
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  8. Yikes! I hope she gets better soon. She will be mentioned in my prayers tonight. I would love to help out with a welcome party, just let me know when you will plan it. :)
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  9. Best wishes and godspeed towards recovery!
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  10. Get well soon!
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  11. Please have a speedy recovery - wishing you the best <3
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  12. Well, I'm glad that she'll be okay. :)
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  13. i hope she gets better soon :)
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  14. Ahhhh Boom! Does Chris (FlareonInAction) know about this? o.o
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  15. My God of all things
    May god help her through it all
    They say a healed bone never breaks again
    So when she comes back, she will come back stronger and we shall celebrate her return
    Our prayer are with her
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  16. Lets all hope for a speedy recovery
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  17. Glad to hear she will be ok. Take care of yourself and we'll be here when you get back :)
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  18. Hello everyone,
    Been a while, Boom will be fine but she will be gone for another 60 days and will be getting use to things for around 10 or so days.

  19. A little off topic, but are you also a police officer?

    I'd like to thank Boom for her service and I wish you both luck. :)
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  20. i wish her luck in her recovery and is glad she is alright <3 :)