Boom Baby! Part 1 Conversion Complete!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Krysyy, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. I'm very jealous D:
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  2. They are sending us a new modem. Then that 100 will go to 300 =)
  3. First!
    Dang it! What is it?
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  4. Her internet :p It's pretty great haha
  5. My internets =)
  6. I think I connected to the same server, my results:
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  7. Of course, this is pre Comcast coming in and messing it up. :p
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  8. Won't be messed up...everyone in the greater Austin area is getting upgraded for free. Even my dad in the really outskirts of Austin is getting upgraded. Since we had the highest tier (50), we go up to 300 =)
  9. This is me.. I'm jellin right now

    You prolly can thank Google fiber for coming in. I heard since they came to Austin. Providers are making better deals for consumers to stay with them.
  10. I'm so jealous...
  11. :O
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  12. Yeah. That is exactly why. Google is taking their sweet time getting everything set up. AT&T offers fast, but not to our area yet AND they have internet limits (not useful with moose and i's internet use). Time Warner came in and just took over, upgrading houses left and right since a LOT of people were already wired in. I think they said by the end of this fall, they should be done with all of the Greater Austin area. We got our email yesterday so we should have a new modem delivered in 24-48 hours they said.
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  13. mine
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  14. Contracted or monthly?
  15. We are monthly.

  16. Best thing I can get where I live...
  17. ouch!
  18. My city was going to be the first place to get google fiber, but because of lobbying it was moved. Century Link has lost some of its sites due to a 15,000 acre wildfire that happened in my town, and i get download speeds of 6.5 mbps and upload speeds of less than one. I would try comcast, but I am in a contract :(