Book for a Book!

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  1. Mail me a book, and I'll send you a written one back. :)
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  2. Cool! I will :D EDIT: Wait a book and quill or a book?
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  3. Book or Book And Quill?
  4. Book and Quill :)
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  5. I sent one of each, just to be sure :)
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  6. Yay! I got mine!
  7. Just sent mines!
  8. Just sent mine!
  9. Right when my Internet goes down!
  10. Bwahahah!~ This was just a ploy to get you all to send me your valuable books so I could eat them!

    Nawh, I'll reply to each one in a bit - smp8 is pretty bustlin' right now. :)
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  11. Awesome....
    Man I wish my computer could get fixed quicker.
    Later people are auctioning DCS of max signed books...
    This is ruining the economy, because in a few months people are gonna be like get your free max books for 3 rupees!!
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  12. I don't mind giving out books. If you supply a book, you get a normal signed book. It's no different than if anyone else did it.
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  13. Sent A Awesome Book :)
  14. It's only one per player.
  15. .....
    Are the books specifically written or do you just copy and paste?
  16. Alright I have just now sent you your yummy-nummy book...may its pages fill your tummy with fibery-goodness. :p
  17. They're all each randomly written based on what I thought of that exact moment.
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