[BOOK EVENT] Share Your Scares 2019

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Last day to get those submissions IN!!!
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  2. Working on it. :( My pen is dry and my brain is empty. How long are you keeping that drop-box open?
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  3. Til midnight/probably tomorrow morning if I'm passed out by then.
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  4. >w< I hope my submission wasn't too late, I didn't see the deadline til tonight
  5. You're fine. I'm at work, so unless another SS shuts it down, it will be open til I can get in game to close it.
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  6. Aww yay! <3 Thank you, have a good day!
  7. Can't wait to read all the new stories..
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  8. Books will be available later tonight.
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  9. Can't wait to get spooked by the scary tales :p
  10. The Share Your Scares book bundle is now available to claim with /promo scare19

    Thank you to all of you who submitted! There are some chilling tales in there... Happy Halloween, everyone!
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  11. Finished reading, great stories here. Thanks everybody for sharing !
  12. fyi the ingame broadcast is still running for this
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  13. Thanks. I'll stop that now.
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