[BOOK EVENT] Share Your Scares 2019

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  1. Drop off @ /v 3002 on SMP2

    We ran this pretty well in 2015 and 2017. Figured it was an odd year and we needed to continue the pattern! :p

    Participants will write a scary story in a Minecraft book (meaning using a book and quill). Then, you will sign your book and submit it at the designated area. Deadline: Oct 28th. On the 31st of October and using /promo, we will distribute the books all over the Empire to those that want to read them.

    How will you get the books?
    When you type /promo scare2019 on October 31st, you'll have the selection of a chest full of books to claim. The chest will auto-open, so there will be no left-over promo behind, just the amazing stories to read. Each bundle chest can hold up to a single chest of books, but we will create as many as necessary so that everyone gets every book to read!

    How do you participate in sharing?
    Write a scary story in a book (or 20) and SUBMIT IT TO THE DESIGNATED AREA. If this gets full, please let Krysyy or SS know. There is room for everyone.

    All books will be screened for language, etc so don't try any funny business please. Keep in mind that players of all ages may see these books, so keep them scary, but not gory. Also, try to refrain from posting things that you find on the internet. We'd like for these to be writings from our players, not random internet postings please.

    Let's share some scares!

    Remember these are NOT promo items and are only being made available with the promo system to ease distribution.
  2. maybe il remember to do it this time :rolleyes:
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  3. Hot dog, count me in!
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  4. Time for those scares to shine
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  5. Can't wait to read some stories! Get my fear on!:D
  6. Ooooh boy! It's time for me to scare y'all silly
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  7. Fantastic! Cant wait to enjoy this years submissions :)
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  8. Finished my story! Prepare for the best twist you'll ever see!
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  9. Arrrr! I too done set me quill to paper to tell tale of an historic Ol' Buccaneer...

    Shiver me timbers!
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  10. Drop off location announced:
    /v 3002 on smp2
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