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  1. I have decided on a idea, (which probably has been done before :p)
    I am going to start a book collection featuring signed books from as mny EMC players as I can :)
    If you would like to contribute, please post below.
    I am on smp5 as I type this :)
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  2. I'll get you a book from me, I'm not important, but i can sign a book =P
  3. Everyone's important in their own little ways :)
    And I think I just saw you on smp5, must have gone now lol
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  4. Also, I should mention that the book and quill can be supplied for you if you wish.
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  5. Might write a lttle something :)
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  6. I will donate my book series "Delta team 2.0" to your library once it is done being edited
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  7. I want to contribute! :D
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  8. I will write a trilogy for you. OR a collection of short stories or poetry! you know... in a very cool way....
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  9. I thank you all and will gladly take as many books as you are willing to give.
    But I am only looking for one book each, to get as many books from as many players.
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  10. Im in :)
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  11. As seen as the most awesomemestterste member of EMC I'd like to sign you a book.
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  12. i will sign one, i might not be known very well but still ill sign one
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  13. To all those, I am on smp5 now if you want to sign now.
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  14. I will write a book :) Its called: 'The nfell' have no clue, but meh. I did it in my English Exam I can do it now :)
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  15. Splendid, I'm still on line. :)
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  16. Hah i did creative writing for my english exam it was a letter to our principal outlining the problems with the school... i focused primarily on the monster that lurked in the boys toilets claiming lives.... blood and fecal matter everywhere and then belittled his attempts to repel the beat! topped off with alot of sarcasm! .... i got an A. lol
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  17. Well then never mind. I have multiple books in the series :(
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  18. I'm not expecting a full book from anybody.
    Just the book signed with some words will do.
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  19. Well, a couple words....

    "How to be a noob in chat"
    TaLk LikE ThIs sO noOnE caN unDerStANd yOu aNd evErYonE geTS MaD.

    Signed- Equinox_Boss
  20. not expecting a full book? BAH! BAH I SAY! i soon as ink and quill combine and land upon parchment no mere words are created..... magic..... dreams..... literature rainbows are formed for i.... i am a wordsmith. Not only will i ease the soul i will bring you to the very edge of your computer chair, make you red with anger, wash you with a blue sadness excite you like a playful yellow and make you green with envy... for when i give birth to a story... a world filled with impossibilities i do so with all the colours of the spectrum that is my mind!.... When my legacy is told upon paper and once it is given life by your eyes you will see that this book.... this.... ultimate grail of all tales will be.... will be..... actually probably not that good. i mean even this message is riddled with grammatical errors and what not... so i guess just a few words will do. :)