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  1. So, I don't think this has been done, but I thought since there are some readers here on EMC, we could talk about what books we are reading or what books we want/are going to read!

    Currently, I am reading a book called "The Lost Boy" which is the second book in a three book series. In this series, there is a child named David, or to his mother, "The Boy". This is a case of very usual child abuse. I can not describe anything that happens, it is very graphic. If you do want to find out, read the book(s) for yourself! I will say, at the point in time, David was just taken away from his abusive mother.

    Let me know what you guys are reading! Please leave any recommendations down below. I would love to know what all you readers are reading!

    Anyways, read on!

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  2. Bump?! No readers out there on EMC?
  3. I tend to read more about fictional fantasy. Like Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson books. When i'm not rereading those series i like to read about history.
  4. I'm a very avid reader. I read fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi and just about anything else. Some of the recent books I've read are:

    13 Hours - Amazing how those men fought to stay alive and keep the people in Benghzi safe and how our government just seemed to forget about them

    The Revenant - SO much better than the movie!

    Once Upon a Time in Russia - Fascinating look at Russian billionaires and how Putin rose into power. Ben Mezrich is a very good author and most of his books are good.

    I enjoy Matt Hilton books, Tony Hillerman and CJ Box as well.

    I actually met Dave Pelzer, author of the Lost Boy, and he's an absolutely amazing man! He spoke at an event I was at and he's very funny, charming and has a great personality despite the horrific things he went through.