Boats despawn, break down when floating around (in dock)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by VoxelRay, May 25, 2015.

  1. Are boats despawning or breaking slowly down ? because i lost some.
  2. I'm convinced that this doesn't happen on residences. At least not commonly. I have a friend who's really mad about boats, he even has a boat floor on his residence so if boats would de-spawn then he'd know about it for sure. So far I haven't seen this happening (note: we're talking about boats which merely float in the water somewhere on his residence).
  3. People can break boats without needing flags. They just jump on the boat and it breaks.
  4. I've seen boats break when you run into something, they don't despawn though.
  5. Boats are highly fragile and people can simply jump on top like nuclear said
  6. This is in wilderness. town is a strange place i only visit sometimes.
    But io get the idea boat's disappeared. the already looked to fill up with wtare before.
  7. Boats tnd to wander off even when there's no water current so maybe it drifted off and broke!:eek: