Boat glitch

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  1. Whenever I exit one of my boats in the Wasteland I am unable to reduce it and it to my inventory. This has happened several times. When I hit the boat with my pickaxe or any other tool it just sits there immovable.

    The strange thing is that if I leave the area and come back at least a day/night cycle or so later the boat will have moved slightly and I can then pick it up normally. I have therefore been able to reclaim all of my boats but it is a bit frustrating having to retrace my steps instead of being able to grab them as needed.

  2. same here i have had it were the boat will do that and (it will teleport me back a way,s) have you experienced that problem yet?
  3. I am pretty sure this is just lag. Just reconnect and you should be good.
  4. Boats have been this way on SMP for as long as I can remember, years at least. The longer you sail, the more your computer and the server start to disagree about where you actually are. If you have a minimap mod like Rei's or Zan's, you can see this happening -- the area of terrain visible on your map starts to become more and more offset, because the server is sending you the area surrounding where it thinks you are, but your computer is displaying the map according to where it thinks you are. This will very often make you "crash" and break your boat on a beach or squid that you thought was very far away, but the server thought you ran into it.

    When you get out of the boat, the same thing happens -- you think the boat is in one place and try to break it, but the server thinks the boat is somewhere else so it thinks you're swinging at nothing. Like Ark_Warrior1 said, if you just log out and back in (before getting out of the boat) you will re-synchronize your computer with the server, and then when you get out you should be able to break the boat without problems.
  5. Does this have to do with getting out of your boat and you appearing a whole ways off? Or is that a different issue?
  6. Sounds like the same issue -- while in your boat after sailing awhile, your computer thinks you're in position A (so that's what you see on the screen), but the server thinks you and the boat are at position B. When you get out, the server tells you that you're really at B, so you seem to warp there, when really (according to the server) that's where you already were after sailing.
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  7. I'll let Bdubs sing you a song about how broken boats are....
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