Bloodra1n has a new job?

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  1. Dont take this too sirious, please

    Well, we had some fun on smp4.
    Bloodra1n was running circles around my res so I decided to do a photoshoot :D

    Bloodra1ns new job is ´Model´!

    Just look at the pictures what a naturel beauty it is :O

    Common guys he needs a girlfriend, look how beautyfull he is!

    So you think you can be his girlfriend, PM him!
  2. *Sits in contemplative thought for a moment*
    *Clicks "Start Conversation" on bloodra1n's profile*
  3. I think the guy next to him also looks good ;)
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  4. Yes, I saw soms other models on the background that where doing a beach fotoshoot looking at the guy all the time!
    ( I can tell you, the one behind the camera is pritty beautifull too :D
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  5. Hawt.

    That close-up is gorgeous.

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  6. *tears of joy*
  7. I'm not sure what to think of this. Congratulations...? :p
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  8. Don't worry, I don't know either! But I find it friggin hilarious ;')
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  9. Well shoot, I guess I can't do the job. I am rather exceptional, or so my mom tells me.
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  10. Jus' a little update
  11. Sorry. Bloodra1n is simply too good for me.
  12. Luckley people dont take this too serieus and complain about it :D
  13. Hm, to be a girlfriend, do you need to be female?
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  14. He needs ons.
    We discovered that out yesterday!
    ( he didn't gave us any more information so its possible 607 :{
  15. I thought he already had a girlfriend? Maybe searching for a second one? Maybe?
  16. Pascal has a girlfriend, blood is lonley
  17. Oh, and my interview in the background :D
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  18. Yeah, that is how we found out he needed a girlfriend :p
    Btw, marijn2552 sended blood 50 emeralds to buy a girlfriend with xD
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  19. Giving you guys a hand to rephrase it: to buy a rose bouquet with :p
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  20. Will bloodra1n marry me?!
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