BLOODBEARD's on smp6 /v +docks

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  1. Phase I of BLOODBEARD's is near completion and OPEN for business.

    The goal of our floating restaurant is to provide the most effective foods for you to choose from for your adventures in the Wild and Frontier. Potions are available at our bar near the front of the ship.
    To visit us on smp6 go to /v +docks Enjoy the day fishing, or simply relax on the beach.
    (future plans include an adventuring Outfitters Store) Come check us out!
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  2. Oh nice! I'll have to check this out! :D
  3. Ahoy there! Better visit us before my crew visits you... har har har
  4. Been a couple months so I'm just posting a small update. Here are some shots of the work in progress at Southport:

    Welcome aboard The Nether Star.

    where the sails are always billowing...

    ... AHOY! Captain at the helm....

    ... 'ol Green Glare is tending to the bar with potions a'plenty...

    ... and our skeleton crew will guide you to your table (maybe) in our Buffet Restaurant, stocked with only the finest fare from throughout the Empire.

    Stop by and say hello if you are on smp6. Always here to welcome you in our custom rooms :)