[Blog] The EMC auction house project

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  1. EMC Auction House / SMP5 / 10667

    After the poll in that other thread some of us got together and started talking about our options. One thing is for sure; we're going to give it our best. And because I like to write & share things from time to time I figured that I might as well create a blog out of it all, a bit of an outlet if you will.

    As soon as we're ready to actually start organizing things then this thread will have served its purpose and it'll get moved / continued (not physically) to the products, business & services forum thread.

    What is the auction house project?

    A project we're working on to organize auctions in-game. More info will follow later.
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  2. The EMC auction house

    Members: SkyDragonv8, PenguinDJ and ShelLuser.
    Location: 10667 (smp5).

    More info to follow soon!
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  3. Your posts... they are.... SHORTER! xD
  4. I've never seen such short posts
  5. rofl :D

    Yes folks, after all those comments earlier I've decided to stick to one word posts from now on. You'll just have to assume further context yourself :p

    Nah; I had a hunch that if I was going to take the time to post then I might risk not getting the first 2 entries, so, yah ;)
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  6. Can I be a member? :D
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  7. Most likely, we could use some help, but I'll get back to you. Those decisions are made by all of us.

    Right now I'm a little short of time, so most of it will be spend on common stuff (shop restock, garden, relaxing a bit (work is stressful enough as it is atm.)), but expect an update soon enough (at most upcoming weekend if no one else beat me to it).
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