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  1. Well, here it is. My blog. I will write here hopefully daily, if I miss a day that's because my day has been extremely busy and will go up earlier the next day (for me atleast, BST.)
    One thing I would like to stress is the "entries" aren't going to be called "entries" they're going to be called 'logs' as in a survivor log - y'know because this is inspired by The Last of Us, The Walking Dead etc.

    My life isn't that interesting but school and EMC are mainly what I want to write about.

    The first log will be released at 6pm BST, 1pm EST.

  2. I will watch this thread. Have fun!
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  3. Apologies that it's a bit late.
    Log 1:

    Today wasn't really interesting. The only highlights I really have are the fact that the school lunches have been altered so 2 Year groups go together. Since we have 2 lunches/2 breaks and they thought it was a good idea to mash all the years together, they made it so Year 9 eat last on 1st lunch (my year) but first on the 2nd lunch. I had to do some intelligence test in Maths today because that is my weakest subject. The questions were easy but some were hard. As far as that goes, my other lessons were fine I guess. Homeworks are getting set more and the work is pretty repetitive in my opinion.

    I didn't really play EMC today, I only spoke to a couple of friends, checked on the LLO and logged off. In-game isn't really that fun to me anymore because I have no ideas on what to do - I also planned temporarily leaving in-game and use the forums a bit more.
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  4. Log 2:
    Nothing really happened today, lessons were okay. In Computer Science I've been learning a bit of Python - its really fun but I really want to study more languages instead of this for 2 whole years. RE was okay apart from the fact I heard my teacher shout for the first time. If I'm totally honest with you, I don't really find RE useful but it's an okay lesson. Learning about Judaism is... meh. Most of the school day was boring and uneventful so I guess I'll leave it here for IRL stuff.

    I didn't get round to EMC today, I mostly played on my PS4 and done homework. Like the last post, I plan on taking a break on EMC. I only tend to logon to check on something or talk to friends. Though, I am stuck in the Nether without a portal so I guess I'll have to run back to spawn. Silly me.
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  5. What does RE stand for?
  6. Religious Education - although it mostly isn't about religion.
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  7. Enjoy it while you can! Life speeds out after your out of school! :eek:
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  8. Log 3:
    Although I don't really remember what happened today because I'm tired after a long day of school, I can say today was a pretty meh day at school. So apparently forgetting to do 3 questions for Science homework counts as not doing it at all, I'm a bit mad at this but I guess having to do them questions as extra homework is my punishment. In RE, we got to do 30 minutes of reading and since we were allowed phones, I only got to read a few trials of Batman comics and a few paragraphs of something. Since I'd like to say, I'm already writing what I want for Christmas -most of them I'll probably buy before then but, why not?

    I logged onto EMC to build some random thing I might make into a shrine. But not just any shrine- a Dufne Shrine. Boredom hit me right in the head there. I completed a few levels on The Last of Us but I don't want to tell you my 360 noscope MLG time playing games. Speaking of games, I downloaded OldSchool Runescape but I haven't got the space to actually sit down and play it. Sometime on the weekend I'll try and spare some time for some Runescape.
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  9. Log 4:
    Since it's the weekend and there was no school, I'll just talk about what happened in general.

    Today I moved my second res to utopia since my supporter runs out tomorrow. It's been a nice month with this supporter since I got alot of rupees and was semi-rich for about half of the month. I finally started *trying* to get into potion brewing, it's fun so expect to see an auction soon.

    For the first time, I played Elsword. It's pretty cool but... arrow key movement? Egh, I'll take it. I like the attacks and combos and the characters so I'll be playing on there alot.
  10. You can always change the controls .-.
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  11. Yes but S and A are spells .-.
  12. You can change that too :p But for games such as Elsword, I prefer arrow keys for movement
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  13. really wow well its a subject in a catholic school but it's permanent
  14. It doesn't always have to be Catholic...
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  15. Log 5:
    Today I got a haircut (so interesting). We also went out for dinner, food was gr8 b8 m8. If you're interested, I had a carvery and an oreo and cookie dough icecream with a cinnamon wafer and chocolate sauce and it was *click* noice.

    Today I prepped to head for AverageWalrus' outpost but didn't get round to it because I had to get my haircut and go for dinner. The stuff was pretty un-OP but useful and will do for now. I finished Noragami today and man, is it so funny and badass. Tank ye Final/Catacacalysm for recommending it to me.
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  16. Star shadup

    EDIT: Season 2 is coming out soon. From what I've heard, it might come out this year
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  17. Never! :p
  18. Log 6:
    Well, well. Today was so hilarious it was one of the best days of the school year so far.

    Little Year 7 kid trying to take on 6 Year 11s, ends up on floor 3 times and stays there on the 3rd time. Harsh but hilarious.

    Group of Year 8s think they're rebels because they took one of my friends' food (that they were gonna put in the bin) - find them 5 minutes later with their idiotic and immature friends. Pulled up some sickburnbrahs on them and they continued having the intelligence of a potato in a low English class.

    One of my auctions were completed, I've been making a few plans for a ______ with ____ and ___. The plans are pretty neat-o (if you knew). The project is also amazing too. Nothing really happened as you can tell, being busy is hard.
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  19. It's a subject in all faith schools, not just Catholic schools. Personally I don't think it should be part of the curriculum in state schools (I also believe they shouldn't be faith schools), but whatever :p
  20. You should tell me what the underscores mean because.. why not?