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  1. I have had a look on allowable/non-allowable mods and have not been able to find any reference to this plugin - Is it acceptable? :confused: If I have overlooked a reference to it, forgive me for my error :oops:
  2. What does this plugin do exactly?
  3. It allows blocks of smooth stone to be collected (eg in a water flow) when creating them in a smooth stone generator - otherwise the piston jams after 12 blocks unless you are continually removing them
  4. empire minecraft is vanilla
  5. I don't see anything wrong with this mod
  6. this server does not allow new blocks new tools and new ways to get blocks

  7. Duh.

    This mod doesn't create new blocks in any illegal way that I understand. Smooth stone gens are just like cobble gens. They use water, lava and pistons to make stone.
  8. Another point for panda
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  10. I recall reading this was once in the game, but was patched.
  11. Tsk Tsk Dogs...
    1) EMC is Bukkit with vanilla mentality (Duh! Because it uses World Edit)
    2)If you either read about it or looked it up you would know it doesn't add blocks so stop making impulsive posts.
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  12. I think some of you that think this should allowed on EMC don't know what this mod does. Sure cobble/stone generators are acceptable, but there is no need to mine the block that is created when using the mod - it crushes it for you to pick up. That should not be allowed.

  13. no its vanilla when it comes to blocks and tools
  14. Facedesk
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  15. *facepalm* Did you NOT read my post.
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  16. All he saw was
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