Block lag on a few of the servers (2-20-13)

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  1. Okay iv been experiencing block lag on a few of the servers. Its not incredibly bad but considering there is only about half the amount of people on the server at most when this happens seems like its a problem. Does it have something to do with the servers going down a few times lately or what? Just figured I post this since I didn't see anyone else making a thread about it.
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  2. I'm not an expert on these things, but it could be coming from your end.
  3. Well I did think that is possible however considering the fact nothing on my end has changed at all for the longest time that it might be EMC. Especially with a few players informing me of the servers going down more then just the one time I saw it happen. It just started having block lag the past day or two so yeah. That's also why I created this thread so that maybe if other players are also experiencing it they can reply.

    Also like I said its not horrible block lag but every so often you get a block coming back after destroying it a second or two ago.
  4. I had some block lag yesterday (2-20-2013). Since I was new to the server, I was not sure if it was normal or not.
  5. weve pretty much always had issues with block lag heh :( was hoping performance changes would help that.

    We may be having some network issues causing latency but not sure.

    There is an update in the near future to the server that might help though... but its not mature enough yet to update to it.
  6. I will say I am enjoying my time on the empire servers so far.

    Thanks for doing all the hard work while we play.
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  7. Glad you're enjoying your time here :) And a several day late Welcome to the Empire!
  8. Do you have have Optifine?
  9. I've had problems playing Minecraft always because of my laptop and the awful service of my provider, and on EMC, at first I thought I wouldn't be able to play until I installed Optifine. It clearly has gone a bit worse during the past few days. I can still play, I only have to break some blocks twice or three times, it's a little bit annoying but that's it.

    Hopefully it will get better, it is good to know that there are competent people who actually care about it a lot working on it. I mean, it's not like this is Blizzard lol xD
  10. Optifine doesn't really help prevent block lag at all, just FPS (even then, for some people it decreases FPS)