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  1. I do not know if this is possible or not but to some people it is pretty useless, but to others it could be useful. It is called a block count. It is similar to /entcount but it would be /blockcount. You go onto a residence and say /blockcount and it gives you a list of all the blocks ( dirt/grass, Iron blocks, gold blocks ) are on your residence. This could be used for Grief parties to tell people the amazing loot or to find out about them. It could also be used to see how many diamond shovels you need to dig out a residence ( if it already some-what dug out ). One problem I do see is that they would have to code it to see every single block and if people do /blockcount on megashops it may lag up or spam their chat. Opinions anyone?
  2. I like this idea, especially... I'm digging out my 1st residence for farms and such. But I agree that it would be much to code and implement. Maybe if you give us an example, like this:
    EDIT: If you want to know how I got the Minecraft font on here, PM me and I'll tell you... for 1k ;)
  3. The schematica mod can be used to accomplish this, simply make a schematic of your res and select it to view a materials list. It is also an approved mod.
    Edit: minecraft font
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  4. Uuuummmmmm… you didn't get the minecraft font…
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  5. Wouldn't this be hard?
  6. Also, if it goes down to bedrock, someone could use it to find diamonds and other minerals/ ores. It could also be used for griefing.
  7. Huh. It shows it for me. Meh.

    Well, then Aikar would make it only usable in Town.
  8. because you have the font in your library already :p
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  9. This is for your residence in town.
  10. Shhh... What does it appear as for other people?