block breaking with voters gear lowers duraility but right clicking or inventory/vault resets it

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by We3_10AC, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. Is this a bug? I need to find out if so, and if it is, I need a developer to fix it.
  2. It's just because the Unbreakable plugin on EMC isn't vanilla you don't actually use durability so it should be fine.
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  3. Probably a bug. But not an EMC bug.

    The Unbreakable part is actually a Vanilla feature, not something that's developed here on EMC
    Devs probably won't be able to fix this
  4. No it isn't really a bug. It's just MC trying to make it take damage.
  5. It doesn't actually.... If you keep at it, the item will disappear but show up again when you relog.

    The Secret is, the durability will reset if you press the right mouse button. So if you wanted to do the F11 trick for example, just hold down both mouse buttons.

    You can also reset the durability by moving the item in your inventory to another spot.
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  6. If you read the wiki about voters gear you will see that it says that the gear doesn't take damage even if it looks like it does.
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  7. Why do you need a fix? It's just a simple visual bug.
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  8. Tip: if you forget to right-click it and accidentally "break" the voter's tool, you can do a /dispose or /trash command. When you exit out of the interface your item will come back.
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  9. What they all said. ;)
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