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  1. Hey guys! Today, on this 1st of November, me and BlinkyBinky got hitched :D so we decided to put up some pics and stuff:

    ^BlinkyBinky, Sari skin made by IrishStag, amazing right?

    ^At the chapel, pic courtesy of JarodDTS, chapel res number 9445 if you wanna see it =D
    The wedding was officiated by neonkillah, with kayleighdaking as BlinkyBinky's bridesmaid. VictorianFleur was supposed to Blinky's maid of honor, and iihershey my best man, but they bailed on us :eek: Moonglum_ walked BlinkyBinky down the aisle while i stood there ;p <-- more pics of the wedding, taken by 8Blackie

    ^The new crib, res number 8637 if you wanna see it =D
    After the wedding, we had a party at the new house, with of course, plenty of food ;)

    ^In mon porsche with blinky on the spoiler

    Thanks to all of yall who came, had a lotta fun :D love yall ma smp4 peeps

    *P.S Please do not start talking about smp8 and stuff, in no way does this to relate to any of that, we're just tryna have fun ;/
  2. ._. Smp8's infection is spreading and evolving and it is making people unaware of it.
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  3. What was not mentioned, is that we have 6 villager children as well :rolleyes: Their names are, Nils, Willis, Simeon, Celestine, Eleanor, and Nola.
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  4. ;)
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  5. ... did you notice my little sneak in there?
  6. awww, my friend got married and not even on smp8.. <sheds tear> ^.^
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  7. Awww, so cute :p
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  8. Uh, Celestine? ._.
  9. i didn't actually lol, you know things like that have been going on for a looong time now...
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  10. :D
  11. Congrats to the happy couple! :)
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  12. Well... Congratulations to the both of you! :rolleyes:
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  13. Congratz! And I though this only happened on SMP8...
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  14. Bruh, coulda warned me that this thread contained spoilers.
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