BlackKnight1021's Soul - An EMC Machinima

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  1. So, MasterDude13 and I were pretty bored last night over on 'ol SMP8. Then an idea popped into the crazy space that is my noggin. This is the result.


    P.S. See if you can find the Luckygreenbird in each shot!

    Warning: Neither MasterDude13 nor BlackKnight1021 is responsible for any physical or psychological health products caused by the viewing of this. video. ;)
  2. I LIKE T-REX!!!
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  3. That was quite something
  4. masterdude13 is not ur soul!!!!!!! LIES
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  5. He is my other half.
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  6. We're karaoking on Skype and discussing future plans for more Machinimas :p
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  7. you guys should've told me you were recording :p
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  8. The book was better.
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  9. But... I thought I owned your soul... :p but of course, Maxarias owns it now.
  10. My Eiffel Tower is famous!!

  11. *bugs BlackKnight1021 and MasterDude13 to post the bloopers*
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  12. Oh, this is gonna get interesting...
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  13. There aren't that many bloopers. Probably just gonna post that one special one . . .