Black Ops III

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  1. Titan Fall 2 right? Nah, jokes aside here is the trailer.
    Alia does talk a bid but just ignore him.

    Important Info:

    • Pre-order will grant you access to beta on PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4 & A cool poster
    • This game looks like Titan Fall
    • Lots of cool stuff
    • Treyarch= Hype
    What do you guys think? I hope it is better than AW, because AW was total shit.
    Lets discuss. Official BO3 Thread.
  2. Best Call of Duty Games

    World at War
    Modern Warfare
    Modern Warfare 2
    Black Ops II

    Lets hope this one makes the list.
  3. Black Ops 1 deserves to be on that list.
  4. BO1 was the best...
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  5. All I care about is zombies.
  6. *Sees Exo-Suits in trailers*

    *Gives up all hope in COD*
  7. exo-suits were the biggest let down in COD for me. If they want to make Call of Duty Advanced Rooftops, go ahead but call it that and dont call it Advanced Warfare.
  8. Over the last two years I have lost all faith in Call of Duty. They will no longer receive a penny from me. Ghosts was a joke and AW not much more.
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  9. The only reason I am buying BO3 is the fact that Treyarch is making it. If they fail, COD wont receive another dime from me.
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  10. It all started going down in Ghosts...
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  11. I enjoyed and still enjoy AW but I will probably wait to get this, plus i need to try out a few other games to get used to playing on PC. Sony, Microsoft, You will not get a penny from me.

  12. I kind of lost interest in CoD. I never really liked the whole studios-switching-off-years thing, but it's very evident in the newest games how heavily that affects the games. They are all disjointed with little to no linkage or context between each other. A good series should develop off of the last game and improve on the next, not stand alone like CoD tries to do.
  13. By the way, in my literature class we could write about any topic and I chose best and worse video games..

    Call of Duty falls in the worse since it never got out of the year 2003 (its release)
  14. That trailer is great :)
  15. Last one I bought was BO2. The CODs I enjoy most are World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and the original COD 2. Those three took a large chunk up of my life :p COD isn't what it was, I haven't spent anything on them since BO2. I doubt I'll be buying BO3. I'm waiting for them to go back to World War 2 again, those were the games that made the franchise famous in the first place...
  16. Maybe get Xbox One when it comes out so we can play again? :p ;)

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  17. The last COD I really enjoyed was BO1.

    Once they started going futuristic (BO2+) I gave up

    Although, BO2's zombies were fun (DLC Only though...)
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  18. idk mang i got a PC thooo xD i might consider :p
  19. Yeah, this isnt the future so dont make a game about it. Im okay with 10-15 years in the future thats fine, but I dont want to be flying 60 years in the future.

    I personally like BO1 because of the Cold War story line.
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  20. Who agrees Call of Duty should make a zombies only game?
    It would be tons of maps so you could have nazi zombies, 2025 zombies, and exo-zombies in 1 game.

    I would love that game soo much if it came out...
    I thought it was nazi (1940's) zombies though? :p
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